Dog playing

Pet Boarding Services

At our canine pub, the safety and comfort of our canine guests is foremost.  The boarding kennel features Priefert 4' x 10' interior kennels. We do have ten kennels with an attached 4' x 5' covered outdoor patio. You must request the indoor/outdoor kennel in advance and your dog must not be an excessive barker.  We try to be neighborhood friendly! Your best friend will enjoy a year round climate controlled facility with ventilation and music, not to mention individual privacy panels. Included in their stay, all CRK guests will enjoy three individual playtime sessions free. We will also provide comfort to your dog who is afraid of thunder and lightning.  This attention to detail is provided whenever bad weather strikes - 24/7.  Be sure to let us know that your dog has storm phobia, excessively digs or may be capable of climbing fences.  Help us help you!  Each pet sleeps comfortably on their very own Kuranda bed. 


Grooming and Retail Products

Grooming :

Average prices for dogs groomed on a regular basis will vary according to breed and size. We're just a phone call away for further information.

Full grooms include shampoo, conditioner, dry, a nail trim, expressing anal glands and cleaning ears. Dipping for fleas, ticks and other external parasites is extra. Cost depends on size and breed of dog as well as the dog's temperament and coat condition.  Matted dogs cost extra!!!!  We are generally booked 2-3 weeks in advance.  Call us early!

Retail Products:  

Whether you are looking for products to pamper your best friend, or high quality food, we are here for you.

We proudly carry many brands of dog food, dog and cat collars, warm winter dog coats, dog toys, shampoos and other grooming tools, interactive dog games, chews, dog boots - well,  you get the idea.......  We have access to anything you may need for your pet.  Look to us as your problem solver.  We are always happy to help.